FMwhatsapp apk download new version 2023

It is well known that WhatsApp is a good communication software, and most people around are using it. But because of some of its limitations, let us feel very sorry.

So there are a lot of third-party WhatsApp emerged, FMWhatsApp is one of them, it stands out with its own uniqueness.


The latest version of FMWhatsApp 2023 has many new features, which are listed below:

1. You can put funny little emojis on each message.

2. Confirm before sending the status (image/video) option.

3. “Call stealth mode!” & “Add call rejection type option” – tells the caller that you are not connected to the Internet.

4. Exclusive: You can double click any message to show like.

5. “Direct Contact Link” Chat – allows you to quickly share any whatsapp contacts with others without sending your saved details.


Do you think FMWhatsApp only has the above features? No! Much more than that. The above are just some of the most recently updated features. Here are some of the unique features of FMWhatsApp:

The media

Break the limit of WhatsApp, the original WhatsApp could only transfer 300MB files, but the latest version of FMWhatsApp can transfer 900MB! It can even send images in ultra high definition, rather than compressed, blurred images. More than 60 images can be sent each time!

The custom

The original WhatsApp only had dark theme and the default green theme, which made us feel boring, so FMWhatsApp developed a theme store, which has a lot of themes, and will regularly add new themes: cute, cool, trendy, all kinds of series, the key is free!

The delete

FMWhatsApp can anti-delete messages; If your friend withdraws a message he doesn’t want you to know about, that’s ok, and even if he does, we can still see the retraction.

Hide the label

It also disables the retweet tag on a message, so it doesn’t show up when you retweet a message to a group or friend. Isn’t that funny?


You can also hide your current status information, hide your typing or recording status, and hide the blue scale. Also, people who post stories on their status can’t know that you are checking their status, which needs to be set up in FMWhatsApp.


You don’t need to save contacts, it lets you send messages to unsaved contacts. And it allows you to send messages to large groups of up to 500 people, up from the original limit of 250.


FMwhatsapp can also turn off video calling, allowing you to hold up to 100 simultaneous chats, and set a secure password for your app to enter. These are features that Whatsapp doesn’t have.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of FMWhatsApp, and there are many other functions that are not described in a single description. You will find more surprises by exploring on your own.

FMWhatsApp Backup chat

If you want to keep your old WhatsApp data first, here’s how:

1 . You need to uninstall the official WhatsApp from your phone after installing the FMWhatsApp. (Note: Take a backup and do not clear the WhatsApp data while uninstalling it.)

2 . Open the file manager and find the WhatsApp folder. Simply changed the folder’s name to FMWhatsApp.

3 . Open the FMWhatsApp and double click the Media Folder to open it.

4 . Rename all of the subfolder. Just change WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp. eg. WhatsApp video to FMWhatsApp video.

5 . After that, launch the FMWhatsApp app and follow the instruction to complete the registration process.

6 . Once completed, it will ask you to restore backup. Just click on the “Restore” button.

That’s the process to transfer WhatsApp messages to FMWhatsApp.


Such an excellent APK, I believe you have already started to move, but there is still a question that you can not let go, that is why this APK can not be found in the Google store? Some people said the account was disabled, how to prevent the occurrence of this kind of problem?

In fact, you don’t have to worry. Because our APK is developed on the original WhatsApp and modified by a third party, it cannot be downloaded in Google Store. We can only search and download the latest FMWhatsApp through a trusted webpage.

As for the issue of the account being banned, you can rest assured that all the links on our website have passed the test, and the test results will only be put here if there is no problem. So there’s nothing to worry about.


If you’re tired of being stuck in a rut, you might want to try the latest version of FMWhatsApp 2023.

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